2021 Event History

Aldridge Transport Museum Sunday 25th July


After meeting at our usual spot Meriden Motorcycles 9:30, we were treated to another new interesting route of fine country roads as we skirted to the east of Birmingham on our way to Aldridge.

Apart from a minor hiccup where we temporarily lost one member we were soon at  our destination Aldridge Transport Museum, where there is a fine collection of commercial vehicles, Buses, a few motorcycles and cars and an array of memorabilia.

A great place to spend some time before setting off home for Sunday Lunch.







Queens Head Curry Night Wednesday 14th July


We had a great turnout for our Annual Queens Head Run

15 Bikes and Riders and one 12 year old Pillion Pilot 


Four of us enjoyed a Curry in the open air on a warm and sunlit evening, others stuck to liquid refreshment - let’s hope for more Summer nights like that.


It became one of the most amusing Runs we have had! 

Geoff our regular tail end Charlie/sweeper for the drop off system came to the start meeting point for a sociable chat, but did not come on the run. So a lot of riders waited at junctions for him to arrive and he never came!

If you are still at a junction waiting for Geoff: give up it’s time to go home.


No pictures this time

Kart Night 21st July


Hope you were able to join in or watch the fun Thursday night at the Museum, then, on your behalf I send our thanks to Tony and Andrew for so generously allowing all and sundry to enjoy the thrill of driving their miniature Formula 1 Racing Cars! 

We had the sight, smell and sound of 6 Racing Go Karts, with 20 Midland Section Members taking the opportunity to hang on to the controls of these miniature Rocket Ships!  


Pictures below are of Tony’s 1960s Vintage Racing Karts, which include a twin engine version and one complete with gears and front brakes. No 88 is a more modern Intrepid Rotax Max with centrifugal clutch and electric start.

Video is a little long, but well worth a watch.


Forty three Members and Guests attended our first ‘free from Covid restrictions’ Club night and took the opportunity to enter the Museum after 18 months of ‘lockdown’ and enjoy free Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks and Biscuits throughout the evening.

               Pictures                                                    Video                 







Dave Thomas Memorial Run 1st July


A goodly number of riders turned out for this short evening run; from the Boat at Catherine de Barnes, to the Case is Altered near Honiley.

Route of about 17 miles was a variety of country lanes and quiet A&B roads, passing Stately Homes, Pubs a Convent and Abbey.  The Ford, which had significantly more water in than in previous years, was less well received by the “polishers”.

Click on the > for more pictures

Wednesday 16th June Club Night Gymkhana
We held the second running of our fun Gymkhana Event in the grounds of the National Motorcycle Museum.

The weather was fine, warm, sunny and dry, forty five members came to support the event with 10 taking part over the 9 obstacles laid out. 

Three Bantams, one AJS and one Ariel trials bike were available  to be ridden on this fun event. 

There was a Slalom, Hoola Hoop throwing skill, moving the Water Torture Glass, riding over the See Saw and Rumble Strips, Score a Goal, drop a Tennis Ball in a small Bucket, Limbo under the Low Beam, then back through the Slalom to the finish where competitors received a refreshing Rub Down with an oily rag! 


Stunning mementos for first and second place Riders, were donated, built and engraved by our own Richard Price. 


Our thanks go to Geoff Ansell who generously supplied his two Bantams to be used by anyone wishing to have a try at taking on the course.





Tiddler Run 27th June


This year we kept a similar route to last, but missed out Arley, where your leader manages to get lost every time.


Shock! Horror! We had a Honda Break Down, unheard of, but it was only a closed up tappet and John was quickly recovered and the Honda lives to run another day.


As a change of format this time there are no photos but we are trialling a video report, thanks to Bob for all the camera work, hope you don’t get fed up of his face… at 15mins video may be a little long; let us have your feedback.

Sunday 13th June Club Run.

Jon Weaver lead us on the annual Maurice Sommerville Breakfast Memorial Run. 

The weather was bright, warm and sunny and after a picturesque 45 minute route, we sat down to a full English Breakfast at Raphaels Takeaway on the banks of the majestic River Avon, close to the Hampton ferry.
Great turnout for our first run of the year and a good mix of bikes old and new.

David and Goliath Wednesday 19th May
Last Wednesday was our first Club Night for 14 months!

We held our popular David and Goliath Fun event with 40 members and friends turning up to enjoy the spectacle.

This had to be an ‘outdoor’ event due to Covid restrictions still being in place.

As in previous years: a lap of the car park: pause for a cup of tea: a second lap.

Winner is the rider with the closest two times.


Twelve Riders took part with Paul walking away with the top prize of the original Sling used by David and Colin a close second carrying off the Pebble that had actually slain Goliath!


Memento Medals on Red Silk ribbons - manufactured and donated by Richard Price and designed by daughter Vicky were awarded to all participants.



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North Cotswold Blossom Run
Chipping Campden, Sunday 18th April 2021.
Bob got the jump on all of us and joined the Cotswold Section for a run; problems with a sticky back brake caused an early abandonment, but a least it was sunny and dry.
A Comic Strip Tale
Our daring intrepid Secretary Road tests a 1970 BSA 650cc Firebird Scrambler with a view to increasing his fleet of Classic Bikes. 
On the road test through Bridgnorth our daring intrepid, interestingly stupid Secretary manages to ruin a brand new front tyre. Our intrepid, obliviously fearless stupid and accident prone Secretary sends for his Meriden based highly trained two man team of mechanics to repair/replace the busted tyre.

The dynamic Duo known in the trade as Jon and Rich, soon have the front wheel off, a new tyre fitted and our stupid yet fearless, accident prone, mechanically inept and ham fisted Secretary is back on the road. 

The Duo return to Meriden and the Road Test continues. 

A short while later our intrepid, fearless, stupid, accident prone, ham fisted and mechanically inept Secretary manages to close down the points while riding through Kidderminster. Another phone call and his trusty highly trained Pit Crew ride out from Meriden again to re-set the points and rescue our intrepid, fearless, stupid ham fisted technically inept Secretary with a warm smile and cheery greeting - what dedication!

Our intrepid, fearless, accident prone, ham fisted and technically inept Secretary returns safely to Meriden none the worse for his Road Test adventure and proves he's not so stupid by refusing to purchase this fine Classic, trouble free, reliable Scrambler.

Log on again soon for the next Road Test when our brave Secretary gives another Classic Bike the chance of a new lease of life! 

Handsome and wise, Mechanic Richard arrives in Bridgnorth on his recently restored 100cc Triumph Tina Scooter (made to look a lot bigger to impress the girls) to rescue our unbelievably stupid but gifted and fearless Secretary.

Bob seems to be making the most of his 'Free' time
Here's an Eye Full of the highest Tower in Gloucestershire visited by our intrepid Secretary yesterday(25th April) while planning a Ride Out Route for your pleasure later this year, photo taken while on the way to a Lunchtime meeting with a couple of Old Faggots! 
Cotswolds 1.jpg
Cotswolds 2.jpg