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2020 Event History

Tuesday 8th Sept Fish & Chip Run


Our early evening 2020 CHIP RUN on the 8th September, was really well supported with 14 Riders eager to get out into the early evening sunshine. 

Using our favoured ‘Drop Off’ system, everyone, eventually arrived safely at our Mystery destination, Ashby de la Zouch. A small hiccup at Tywcross meant that two contingents arrived from different directions!


At Nick’s Fish Bar we were treated to excellent tasty fodder in a well organised safe way with personal service from Nick and his staff. 


Without exception, everyone commented on how tasty their early fish supper proved to be with Tea and Coffee to follow. 

My thanks go to all who supported the Run in these difficult times.

Chip Run

Chip Run

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Sunday 13th Sept Trial Run


Hello everyone, yesterday’s Ride Out to support Dave Thomas at his first Trial of the Season was a great success on a beautifully bright and sunny day. Dave came third overall beaten by two skinny lightweight Bantams

(but he's not bitter)!


Over 30 Riders turned out to complete the 24 mile trip. 

We were pleased to welcome nine Warwickshire and Solihull Bloodbikers who joined in the fun.

As always (loads) of photos below:-

Sunday 20th Sept Marina Run

A fine turnout with a good selection of machines for a gentle country run to the Canal Boat Marina at Barton on Trent.

Nice to see an unusual Norton Rotary on one of our runs for the first time.


2020 will go down as a year where lots of things happened; just not at VMCC Midlands. We did manage a few events and runs, but no club nights after February.



Midlands Section Goes International.


At our last gymkhana at the NMCM, we met a family from Oregon.


Father Andy and sons took up our offer of a ride on the Bantams in the afternoon during set up and practice runs.


As you can see from the attached pictures, they are a family who are anything but “Boring” (believe it or not, Boring is the name of the town in Oregon where Andy and his family live). Andy keeps in touch, and he and his friends are keeping the British end up over there.

Mind you, we think his shed could do with a bit of a tidy up, how can you find anything in there? If anyone would like to get in touch with Andy, let any member of the committee know and we will pass your details on to him”.















JB brought along his chainsaw blender.  It's very handy when you are camping without electricity and have a hankering for a cold blended drink.  Thank goodness the pull rope broke before things got out of hand.  It runs with a bicycle chain.  He uses 2 stroke castor bean oil in the fuel mix for that proper exhaust aroma.

February 27th Duxford.

Twenty hardy explorers set off early for a Charabanc trip to Duxford Air Museum, traffic delays and snow en-route made life interesting.

These Ariel or Arial or Aerial or enthusiasts had a great day out with exhibits spread across the airfield and in 8 hangers. There were a number of Bikes on display; interesting to note that old Aeroplanes also need drip trays!

Many thanks to Geoff for organising this… Watch out for future trips


As always pictures below

P.L.P.R. Run 9th August

We had our Section’s first ever Picnic Run.

There were 27 bikes, 27 ugly brutes riding them and one glamorous lady!
The 29 mile Route was fun and the ‘Drop Off’ system worked perfectly.

Our thanks go to Geoff Ansell and John Surman who did a great job as ‘Tail End Charlie’s’ ensuring everyone arrived safely at our destination.

The Picnic menu comprised of Sausage sandwiches washed down with lashings of Tea and Coffee in the midday sunshine. 

As always Pictures Below:-

Sunday August 30th Tiddler Run


Another great turnout with 25+ riders on an assortment of machine for the second annual tiddler run. A wide variety of machine of all sizes.

The 25mile route from Meriden Motorcycles to Middleton Hall, was not without event (you know who you are) and included the route leader getting lost/confused in Old Arley again!

Thanks to Bob for organising and paying for in advance a single Mega order teas and coffees.

As ever pictures below:-

Thursday 3rd Sept Spring Cleaning

As a gesture of thanks to the National Motorcycle Museum; who allow us to hold our monthly section meetings in their wonderful facility:  A great ‘team’ of Midland Section members, responded a request to help Dust, Clean and Polish the Museum’s Motorbike collection. 

James Hewing (NMM Director) was delighted with the quality results  produced in their efforts to bring the Bikes back to their sparkling best and sends his thanks to all those who took part in the  ‘clean up’.  As of yesterday (Sept 8th) they had completed Halls 5,4,3&2 of the collection. This only leaves Hall 1 and the Foyer to complete.


The same Team are planning to return next Thursday and continue their cleaning efforts.
If you have the time to help with this task, please contact Bob for details and enjoy the company of your colleagues who are happy to help restore these historic machines to their former pre ‘lockdown’ best, in readiness for the Museum re-opening.

Did you spot our Chairman on board the bike of his choice ready to make a quick getaway and an Italian interloper in the background of one photo?

Weds February 19th Indoor Treasure Hunt

With 60 + entrants and only 1½ hours to answer 20 questions set across 4 of the 5 halls at the National Motorcycle Museum, we thought this would be a tough task. Far from it, with the winning team getting 17 correct answers.

Obviously Bob has lost his touch, either the questions were far too easy, or people are beginning to work out how his mind really works, or, perhaps those of us who gave clues as to where answers could be found were a little too helpful.