Next Scheduled Events.

Weds 6th July Dave Thomas Memorial Run.

This takes the form of a short evening run ending at a Hostelry not that far from the start, with a circuitous route through local lanes to get there.

Full details in an email comming soon....


Breakfast Runs.

The inaugural breakfast run proved to be a great success with plenty of people in attendance.

In view of the response we will be arranging more of these mid-week short ride outs.

As they are likely to be ad hoc and at relatively short notice details may, or may not appear here in advance.
Watch this space and
your emails for details


​​​Coffee and Polish 7th July.

On Thursday  we continue with the next round of our Dust Down Programme at the National Motorcycle Museum.

Schedule is: 6th Jan: 20th Jan: 3rd Feb: 17th Feb: 3 Mar; 17th Mar etc.

 We have a great team of regular Midland and Warwick Section members who continue to support the Museum in its determined efforts to preserve our British motorcycle heritage.  


If you would like to enjoy some likeminded company and help with this important maintenance programme you will be more than welcome.  


Spend as much or as little time as you wish, all cleaning materials are provided 


After our exertions we enjoy free Tea, Coffee and Biscuits in the plush new Coffee Lounge where we chat and make plans for future Section events.

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