The Nation Way Point Rally


This is an event conceived to comply with the Covid Rules that are in place this summer.

It will run from mid-June to mid-September.

VMCC sections have nominated locations in their area worthy of visiting on a motorcycle (The Way Points) Selected for interest, the view or just a good place to get a bacon sandwich.

Members are invited to visit the Way Point as a destination for informal (or formal) rides in groups.

Ideally you will be able to undertake runs throughout the summer, to the Way Points.

Running over 3 months should allow good weather riding and some great photo opportunities.


The list of Way Points, the rules for claiming them and photography competition are in the downloadable pdf, or by e-mailing


The event is part of our 75th Anniversary year, so is run to encourage to get out on our bikes.

No entry fee will be charged

Midland Section Way Points are:-
Mike Hailwood’s Grave
St Mary Magdalene Church
Tanworth in Arden,
B94 5AL

The Webb Ellis Museum
5-6 St Mathew's Street,
CV21 3BY
Web Ellis.jpg